"This is what a cohesive band should sound like... classic-sounding jazz with a serious groove that will grab you with it's quiet confidence. The whole album (Kicks are for Kids) continues impressively from top to bottom.” -– Jordan Mackay, Texas Monthly

Feature Article: Workin’ Steamin’ Relaxin’ Leavin’ By Christopher Hess, Austin Chronicle “Melodies jumping like bursts of water from an oscillating sprinkler, Elias Haslanger plays his saxophone with a collected abandon, his hands moving in rapid and efficient strides over every key. His method is a meticulous unpredictability, solo jaunts that run wailing, staggered, and askew into the back line. The directions he takes and the lengths to which he commits to them indicate an unthinking confidence in his support onstage - a rhythm section that inspires this total confidence.” http://www.austinchronicle.com/issues/vol17/issue40/music.haslanger.html

"Haslanger, a highly accomplished saxophonist who suggests a number of influences, Coltrane for one, still projects a sound of his own. This is a swinging, cohesive ensemble." -– Marcela Breton, JazzTimes Magazine

"This young saxophonist sounds like a national-class talent, with a confident command of the tenor tradition from Ben Webster to John Coltrane and an outward-bound band to push the envelope." -– Rick Mitchell, The Houston Chronicle

"Most impressive." -– Ira Gitler

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