"Heroine" by Libby Kirkpatrick

The transition to motherhood is a journey of heroism for every woman. The mind blowing capacity to feel love that was never felt before, and the often unexpected and more often unexpressed difficult feelings that can bubble up when every moment of one’s formerly free-to-do-and-go life requires meeting the needs of another. What happens when a bohemian, free spirit singer song-writer who spends the majority her adult life traveling around the country playing her music, becomes a mother, and settles into a new life of domesticity? To quote one of Libby’s songs, many new, rich and character-stretching “episodes of honesty” unfold. And through the Love, the Giving, the endless distractions that make completing anything –from a conversation to taking care of one self – feel impossible, a “Heroine” is, well, had to be born ~ necessity being the mother of invention. Libby’s son Charlie is the subject of “Needle to the Record” in Libby’s new and fourth release, “Heroine”. In the song she ponders “who’s the puppet, and who’s the puppeteer?” – the perfect metaphor for the mother-child relationship. As you sink into her poetic reflections on this new chapter in life and experience her soothing, whispering, soaring vocal talent wrapped around her guitar – you’re simply transported. Libby Kirkpatrick’s entire “Heroine” album is a brave invitation to travel from your heart to hers and back to the center of your own. It’s brave musically too. With sophisticated arrangements and unique instrumental choices through her partnership with producer and musician Rob Halverson, Libby’s songwriting maturity shines. Halverson’s quirky use of instrumentation together with Libby’s creative songwriting and vocal acrobatics create new sounds reminiscent of the creative input of George Martin. Rob and Libby’s production and songwriting talents combine to create dark, intimate story with subtle, yet surprising sounds that become more pronounced with each new listening. U2’s Bono said to Elvis Costello in an interview that “intimacy is the new punk rock.” If that is true, then Libby Kirkpatrick re-emergence post-motherhood with “Heroine” places her square in the middle of the post-punk Intimacy music genre.

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