"Heroine" (continued)

Already established as a gifted songwriter, Libby’s awards include finalist at the Lady Sixstring songwriting competition, finalist at the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, finalist at the Rocky Mountain Folk Festival, winner of the Telluride “Troubadour” songwriting and performance competition and finalist at the Billboard songwriting competition. With “Heroine,” Libby’s newly rebirthed and blossomed songwriting brings the listener closer to three-dimensionality with enough openness to allow the sound to be interpreted as the listener hears. Libby considers some of these songs to be more like prayers to the muse – including “Heroine,” “Beautiful Illusion,” and “Neverland. Of her work with Rob Halverson on the production of the “Heroine” album, Libby praised his ability to take her songs and fully animate them in way that matched the new stretch of her songwriting. “It was like writing a screenplay together. or, moreover, it was like watching the screen play - we would listen, stop, talk, paint a picture - he'd paint a stroke, then i would. At times i felt we were in a Franz Kafka play, or a David Lynch film. It was like a quiet creative explosion for me, which i couldn’t host in my own head, it had to be with Rob.”

Through her record "Heroine", Libby Kirkpatrick honestly and beautifully captures and expresses the yo-yo feelings of new motherhood, the big love, the loss of self, the profound, primal feelings of connection to the earth and all living things, and the muddy climb to rebuilding and expressing a new self that is now shared with another.

Besides producing the record, Rob Halverson played baritone guitar, mandolin, Hammond organ, Theremin, 8 and 6 bit samplers, pedal steel, upright bass, Wurlitzer organ, piano, synthesizer, nylon guitar, percussion, electric bass and drum programming. “For Libby's album, I was drawn toward creating keyboard sounds that sounded weirdly beautiful (to my ears!), to compliment or in some cases tonally contrast with Libby's vocal parts, which are an orchestra onto themselves in many parts of these arrangements.”

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