“There is no question Libby Kirkpatrick is a romantic. Her honest and original lyrics in ‘Goodnight Venus’ suggest nothing, if not a knowledge of love and all that comes with it. On her latest album, Kirkpatrick shows an emotional vulnerability through her music that is so sincere it tugs at your heartstrings. On the eighth track, ‘Crying,’ she sings of a lover who led her to believe he wanted to be with her, but he was only lying. Each track on her CD is very candid and honest. Though her sculpted voice has been compared to Ani DiFranco, Shawn Colvin, and Joan Osbourne, Kirkpatrick is in a class of her own. Her textured voice is like nothing else out there: it’s very unique. In fact, many new artists will probably soon be compared to her. This album, which is Kirkpatrick’s studio recording debut, combines instrumentation by such musicians as Jerry Marotta and Sara Lee, both of whom worked with Indigo Girls and Ani DiFranco. Her previous album, Winged, was a solo-acoustic CD originally recorded as a demo that made it to the FMQB Top 200 AAA radio chart this year. Judging by her awesome “track”-record, we will be seeing more of Kirkpatrick in the future: she’s great!” -– C.W., Singer Magazine

"Libby Kirkpatrick's 'Goodnight Venus' is a soulful, groovy blend of folk, pop r & b and jazz. Her edgy, mercurial vocals bob and weave among masterfully layered instrumental arrangements and shifting rhythmic and tonal currents. The sound is at once familiar and unexpected, full of surprises that continually catch the ear. Cool stuff - recommended." -– Sing Out! Magazine

”What is it that's so uncannily familiar about Goodnight Venus, the new album from Austin-based singer/songwriter Libby Kirkpatrick? Could it be those sultry vocals that sound stikingly similar to Ricky Lee Jones and Sheryl Crow? Or is it the songs themselves and their seductive melodies that make the album so alluring? Whatever the reason, Goodnight Venus casts its spell from the get-go." -– Lee Zimmerman, Goldmine Magazine

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