“Another studio on fire, though thankfully only figuratively, is Fred Remmert’s Cedar Creek. ‘Home’of the lauded new Dixie Chicks album. His next client is Colorodo singer-songwriter Libby Kirkpatrick, who is bound for the cozy confines in South Austin with a top flight rhythm section.” -– Michael Corcoran, Austin American-Statesman

“Lilith wasn't fair to Libby Kirkpatrick, whose 'gorgeously vulnerable songstress' style at first sounds like it can be lumped in with the likes of Sheryl Crow and Sarah Mclachlan. But the Austin-based singer-songwriter's enchanting third album 'Goodnight Venus' goes much deeper, boasting layers of imagery and unlikely sonic turns." -– Michael Corcoran, Austin American Statesman

"In some ways Libby Kirkpatrick would have been a much better candidate than Sarah McLachlan to lead Lilith Fair. Like McLachlan, she is a powerful female songstress and singer, but even more than her Canadian counterpart, Kirkpatrick laces her lyrics with a matter-of-fact style of new age cosmology and feminism altogether different from the Women in Song torch variety so popular of late. The singer's major label debut is an adult alternative meets roots record,and don't let the fact that it was recorded by the man behind the Dixie Chicks last album scare you; slick new country this ain't. The album's title track is a close cousin to "Building a Mystery" but with far more involved imagery and text layers — something Sarah never quite mastered. Kirkpatrick's production throughout is clean and at times buoyant." -– Brent Hagerman, Exclaim Magazine

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