“In my recent review of the mostly disastrous recent release by Serah, I remarked upon how ‘Hippie’ Folksinger/songwriter music has traps inherent that are so easy to fall into. Image-laden metaphor lyrics that may mean so much to the well-intentioned artist can too easily come across as head-scratchingly obtuse, if not downright ridiculous. Not to mention producers often go overboard in infusing such trippy songs with enough production bleeps and blops that what little one can understand of some of the cuts just gets obliterated by all the button-pushing noises and washes of superfluous sound. These issues set up why Libby Kirkpatrick's effort here is, for the most part, such a surprising joy. Save for just a few instances, Ms. K's songs are all well-crafted, presented well with her very impressive vocals, and she is supported by some absolutely dynamite musicians for this baker's dozen set of tracks. We are introduced to her Edie Brickell-but-with-a- much-better-top-range-and-support-sounding vocals with the title cut. Her wonderful voice builds to a thrilling soar on the choruses... ‘Vaulted Heart’ gives us more wonderful singing and musicianship (especially in Mike Elam's wonderful flugelhorn color and John Fremgen's fantastic laying down of the bass lines), (with) lyrics about someone trying to find solace and faith during a rough time. ‘Wake Me Up’ alternates a much sparser, deeper kind of moodiness to some thrilling soars in other strains. These disparate kinds of colors juxtapose here to wonderful effect, especially with the lovely addition of some well-done percussion colors by Jerry Marotta. ‘Circus’ is an attractive tune... the sexy and insidious ‘The Dream That You Are’ is one of the definite highlights of the album as more incredibly well done atmospheric bass and percussion work frame this fantastically evocative song. ‘Jenny's Eyes’ is a very short, sparse song of just Libby and her guitar... this is a very beautiful cut. More wonderful percussion work by Mr. Marotta and some lovely Abra Moore guest vocals add to another special highlight of the disc, the much more down to earth song ‘Crying,’ whose admonition to a creep of an immoral lover is very easy to grasp and this focused directness in the lyrics is framed with more wonderful music. Irregular drumbeats and syncopated flugelhorn outbursts make the thrilling ‘To A Child’ the most excitingly pulsed song on the disc and ‘Run” has Libby's voice in

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