wonderful form. Despite some to-die-for beauty in Michael Shay's cello contributions, lyrics like "Why do you run/What's with the guns/ lilting moon is the eye of the consciousness," I am afraid lost me a bit. Two songs that especially blew me away were ‘Garden’ and ‘Now.’ They are both of epic six-minutes-plus length, but they tell beautiful stories of lovers' miscommunications and shocking self-revelation that cut down on the arcane metaphors and instead proclaim lyrics that are very emotion-driven and extremely affecting. The CD concludes with the extremely spare ‘This Raging Moment,’ which almost sounds like a whispered prayer- the color is again stunning and the lyrics are much more straightforward proclaiming the power of having a song activate the feelings inside you. It's a lovely song that only dabbles a teeny bit in the too-weird imagery. The bonus track is short, surprising and lovely with its unheard-before- on-this-CD beautiful piano licks under some of Libby's most gorgeous vocals. I wish I had the words for this ‘hidden’ track to completely grasp what Ms. K. is singing about in this beautiful little postlude. But no matter, these final two gems are stunning ways to end this CD full of impressive vocals and tremendously well-done music. This may be an oft-confusing CD lyric-wise, but it's still a very artistically worthy and well-done enterprise.” -– P. Kellach Waddle, editor, Folkwax

"Libby Kirkpatrick has produced the best singer-songwriter album that I’ve heard so far this year, and that’s for women and men.  Although Kirkpatrick’s instrumentation isn’t especially innovative (a warm bed of acoustic bass and guitar, drums, with the occasional addition of flugelhorn, balsa flute, and cello) her writing is what is superb.  Instead of throwing together songs that simply consist of verses and choruses,Kirkpatrick’s use of multiple transitions and her different vocal arrangements for each successive verse or chorus create the feeling that instead of hearing songs that requisitely repeat until their finish, we have songs that have a true beginnings, middles,and ends.  Each song is a story, lyrically and musically, and that’s rare." -– Joel Dunham, CD Reviews

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