Colorado -– her adopted home at the time -– and she doesn't have a full band on any of the tracks. It's just Kirkpatrick and her acoustic guitar, which is just as well because the element of vulnerability that comes with being unplugged works to her advantage on personal folk-rock items such as ‘To a Child,’ ‘Vaulted Heart,’ and ‘Ground Zero.’ It should be noted that the latter isn't about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; the pre-9/11 song is about an argument that Kirkpatrick once had with her father. Many of the influences who served the folk-rocker well on her first CD, ‘Songs from the Ether,’ also serve her well on Winged -– influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Joan Armatrading to Rickie Lee Jones (among others). But Kirkpatrick is always her own person, and her vocals are easily recognizable. ‘Winged’ isn't quite as strong as ‘Songs from the Ether,’ but nonetheless, this CD paints an attractive picture of Kirkpatrick's artistry.” -– Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

“Excellent! Just like her previous 2 albums, the core of the music (in this new album)is her own acoustic guitar.But this time the well-known drummer Jerry Marotta as well as Sara Lee (b), Mitch Watkins (g) etc. took part in this album. Such the skillful musicians as they creates the world of the music where softness and tention co-exist.To add the drum and the bass to her original music it has made success to make the jazz essence hidden in her music more vivid and more clearer. We may able to say that this is the development of the influence from Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading, and Rickie Lee Jones, whom he has been listening to since her childhood. I read the review that Libby Kirkpatrick would be the organic answer from Austin to Norah Jones and Cassandra Wilson in Blue Notes. I totally agree with this review. Has she got this feeling after she moved to Austin? Her alternative feeling is attractive. You

”SPELLBINDING!” -– Dave Obermann, KUT 90.5FM (Austin)

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