“This Austin-based songstress possesses a clear voice that weaves itself unexpectedly through a melody, and a firm command of acoustic guitar... she easily shares the lineage of Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones, or Ani DiFranco." —Carrie Havranek, The Village Voice, NY

“Libby Kirkpatrick’s a real fascinator... the way she winds her voice around a melody is not something you hear every day. Add to that a gift for lyrics by turns plaintive and acerbic — always intelligent — and you’ve got someone who stands out of a crowd... someone to watch out for and listen to closely when you get the chance.” — John McLaughlin, Host of “Roots and Wings” WESS (East Stroudsburg, PA)

"A fluid, dark, utterly beautiful record. Kirkpatrick’s breathtaking, agile voice and fearless delivery take this already solid set of songs and lift them into the stratosphere. Conjuring heartbreaking voices from Rickie Lee Jones to PJ Harvey and Cat Power, she keens, howls, croons and chirps her way through smart contemporary pop, brooding folk and luscious, pulsating laments. The sonic textures of ‘Goodnight Venus’ are as deep and luxurious as the content of her lyrics. Standouts ‘Circus,’ ‘To a Child,’ and ‘Vaulted Heart’ illustrate Kirkpatrick’s ease with lyrical complexity and mind-bending melody and harmony. Patty Griffin, watch your back." — Clay Steakley, Performing Songwriter Magazine

With that healthy glow and a head full of curls, Libby Kirkpatrick could pass for a naive teen. But with her third album. Libby sheds that good-girl image like a snake shedding skin. When her slow-paced growl entangles itself with the laid-back bass groove on the experimental track ‘The Dream That You Are,’ Libby sinks her teeth in and fearleesly allows her voice to find its way in the dark. ‘I’m letting go again’ she declares in the brooding slow-crawl song ‘Garden.’ She extends

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