"I love ‘Crying’ (from Goodnight Venus)... It sends shivers up my spine and makes the hair on my arms stand up every time I hear it!" -– Haley Jones, Music Director, KFOG (San Francisco)

“Libby is the type of artist we love to get behind. She embodies what we do here.” -– Mike Matthews, Music Director, WTMD (Baltimore)

“Libby Kirkpatrick strikes me as one of those rare singer-songwriters who can cast a potent spell with voice, lyrics and guitar.” -– Jim Manion, Program Director, WFHB (Bloomington)

“Beauteeful!” -– Marnie Sutton, Morning Show Producer, KGSR (Austin)

“If luck comes from your supporing cast, then you’re golden... you’ve got some really hot players coming in to play with you! Sara Lee from the B52’s, Jerry Marotta... even a casual fan has seen his credits on a number of albums -- all the Peter Gabriel records and Indigo Girls.” -– Kevin Connor, Morning Show Host, KGSR (Austin)

“Hhhhold on -- did Rickie Lee Jones and Joni Mitchell have a lesbian love child? Libby, you ROCK! We have a saying around here in Texas -- ‘Yer darlin’!” -– Dale Dudley, Morning Show Host, KLBJ (Austin)

“Libby’s silky voice can twist and turn its way into a falsetto or exhibit a surprising robustness. More than 30 Triple A stations are spinning the CD now (Nov ‘03) and a whole lot more will do so in early 2004 when Libby will perform on both ETown and the Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour.” -– Jim Nelson, TripleARadio.com

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