His live performances and albums have earned him words of praise in the music press and an ever-widening touring circuit throughout the U.S..  Commending the power of sound coming from just his trio on “1st and Repair” (Chris Maresh-bass, Phil Bass-drums), Texas Monthly noted, "He brings taste, precision, economy and a playful sense of timing to popish songs with sturdy hooks, and sings in a voice that's equal parts grit and sunshine. And when you have the ability to make one guitar sound like two, who needs any more support than bass and drums."

The buzz about Monte soon caught the ear of Austin City Limits producer Terry Lickona, who invited the burgeoning talent to tape a segment of the legendary show in January of 1999, just ahead of the release of “Mirror” which came out later that June, containing one of Monte’s most popular tunes “When Will I” both as an album cut and as an enhanced CD video as recorded live from the Austin City Limits soundstage, and closely timed to the show’s original airing. When Lickona introduced Monte to the audience, he described Monte's talent in a simple yet profound statement: "Monte Montgomery blows people away. There is no other way to describe it."

Soon Alverez Guitars learned of Monte's virtuosity and of his passion for his well-worn 1982 cedar top Alvarez Yairi DY62C (”Excalibur” as his fans “The Montiacs” named it), they immediately arranged for an endorsement, eventually coming out with his very own signature model, the Monte Montgomery Alvarez Yairi MMY1:  http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM04/Content/Alvarez/PR/MMY1.html

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