"Austin is famous for its singer-songwriters. It's also known for its hotshot guitar players. Usually, these are two separate catagories. Monte Montgomery is known as a fine singer-songwriter and a top-notch guitar player. When Montgomery cuts loose on a hot-wired acoustic guitar solo, he suddenly takes on superhuman dimensions as a picker." -– Rick Mitchell, Houston Chronicle

"a triple-threat talent, backing up his six-string chops with an impressive voice and songwriting ability... the no-frills approach gives "1st and Repair" a distinctive vibe that's rather captivating." -– Rob Patterson, Houston Press

"Driving blues-propelled rock... fresh and exciting new sound... fastapproaching ‘master’ status." -– San Antonio Express-News

"An Amazing Monte Montgomery... he's the complete package: strong vocals,terrific guitar playing, standout songs. To put it simply, the guy is the most electrifying acoustic guitarist around, whose sound (a round, silvery tone) and approach fuse blues, rock,folk and jazz. He pulls out the tricks (harmonics, thumb popping, fret tapping, deft picking, bluesy bends, and so on) but he uses them to build solos, not to hide behind... extremely impressive...Montgomery, at this early stage (he's just released his debut CD, 1st and Repair, which you should get, like, now) is already a singular talent." -– Dave Ferman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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