"There are not too many things in this world that impress me outside of sex acts and Johnny Cash’s pulse. But the first time I planted myself and watched singer- songwriter-guitarist Monte Montgomery perform, I was astonished. The man’s a true guitar genius, standing at the brink of six-string immortality.” -– Gordon Keith, Dallas Observer

“Just watch that instrument endure Monte’s three-hour assault, and you’ll know how it feels to be married to O.J.” -– Gordon Keith, Dallas Observer

“A hot-handed electric guitarist, acoustic guitar wizard and a burgeoning performing songwriter,” -– Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News

“Montgomery has been hailed as the ‘Evil Knievel of Guitar’ and the ‘Acoustic Jimi Hendrix.’” -– NothinButDaBlues.com

“Jimi's somewhere smiling and thinking to himself - ‘THAT'S what I meant.’” -– Ali Holston, AustinLive.com (on Monte Montgomery performing ’Little Wing’)

“Seeing Monte Montgomery in the tiny town where he learned to play guitar is something that you just have to experience. Playing in Luckenbach pushes him to his best, to the utter the pinnacle of guitar wizardry. For those of you who haven't seen Monte yet... why not?” -– Ali Holston, AustinLive.com

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