"Monte Montgomery may be the greatest guitar player you've never heard. Hailed by Guitar One magazine as "one of the 10 best guitarists (you probably don't know) in America," Montgomery will bring his soulful guitar sounds to Shreveport's Red River Revel. Montgomery is a multi-talented musician with strong composition, poignant lyrics paired with edgy vocals and six- string picking comparable to the likes of late Austin guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan. ‘Deft fretwork; guitar virtuoso; superhuman picker; gifted; amazing; spellbinding; electrifying; a guitarist's guitarist; fresh and exciting; Austin's guitar god.’ His songs are well-written, well mixed and his guitar playing is absolutely awe-inspiring." -– Melissa L. Fertitta, Forum News

"His hands move like lightning across the strings of his worn guitar..... the music Monte Montgomery coaxes out of that oldAlverez Yairi helps justify his status as Austin' Guitar God. Anyone wanting to hear guitar playing rivaling Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan should pick up ‘1st and Repair.’" -– Stacy Higginbotham, InSite Magazine

"His songs are serious, and he's got some really hot guitar playing... such a gifted guitar player... such great chops... a strong album all the way through. There wasn't a weak song on it." -– W.C. Pope, Songwriter's Monthly

“Guitar master who manhandles his (exclusively) acoustic axe, hammering, slapping, bending, and chopping with a virtuosity to make would-be pickers drool. If he were a little more punky and nerdish, (he) and his trio would almost be an acoustic version of Ben Folds Five, as it is, Montgomery sticks closer to roots rock and ends up with something that sounds like a cross between the high energy of Lindsay Buckingham and the late Michael Hedges on amphetamines.” -– N.O., The Birmingham News (City Stages preview, 1999)

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