“Montgomery spikes his catchy, acoustic-based pop tunes with precise, lightning-fast solos that are admittedly jaw-dropping. While the songs themselves are rather nondescript (think Dave Matthews meets Bruce Hornsby), the real star here is the fretwork. Guitar aficionados will likely want to investigate.” -– Justin Robertson, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

"Plays guitar like a motherf@*#er! My favorite guitarists are Stevie Ray Vaughan and Monte Montgomery." -– Delbert McClinton

“It's hard to tag a musical genre on singer/songwriter and guitar whiz Monte Montgomery; there are so many styles represented in his music, from blues and country to folk and pop. The glue that holds everything together however is his amazing guitar work ... and it's super-glue! Monte brings his jaw-dropping acoustic fretwork to town for a two-night stand.” -– Roy Hendee, Creative Loafing (Atlanta)

“Montgomery is a Renaissance man when it comes to music... his vocals are as smooth as his fretwork, and he’s a solid songwriter.” -– Kim Thomas, The Jackson Sun

“The mesmerizing fret-wizardry of Austin-based guitarist Monte Montgomery used to be known only to his ardent Texas fan base. Now he’s heralded as one of the nation’s best acoustic players, and regularly leaves witnesses gape-mouthed by seamlessly flowing between brilliant harmonic guitar phrasings, guitar-slap percussion and a mixed bag of equally magician-like moves. But for all the hype Montgomery has gotten throughout his career for his sleight-of-hand guitar tricks, the Alabama native doesn’t forget that quality songs truly make a musician—and he’s got plenty (“When Will I,” “Took too Long” for starters).“ -– Dave Rossetti, Milwaukee Shepherd Express

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