DIY ARTIS SPOTLIGHT: Monte Montgomery. “Though folks in Texas have been buzzing about Monte Montgomery’s virtuosic guitar skills for some time now, the rest of the country has been a bit slow to come around. In all likelihood, that situation will soon change. On ‘Mirror,’ Montgomery mixes his formidable six-string talents with burgeoning gifts as a composer and singer... indeed he performs his feats of guitar magic on his beloved acoustic Alvarez. As anyone who witnessed his January performance on Austin City Limits can attest, however, Montgomery never lets his guitar pyrotechnics get in the way of a great song.” -– Russell Hall, Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Monte Montgomery: Redefining Acoustic Guitar. To help facilitate his aggressive style, Montgomery runs his treasured Alvarez Yairi DY62C through an Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer and BOSS compressor into a pair of Trace Elliott acoustic amps. The resulting sound is quite singular. One of the first things you’ll notice is his use of natural, tapped and false harmonics. The technique is admittedly a bit difficult. According to Montgomery, ‘the entire acoustic guitar is an instrument’ and one way he fully utilizes it is to bend the neck to mimic a whammy bar. He ‘whammies’ harmonics on acoustic by pusing the back of the headstock away from him and simultaneously pushing the upper bout of the guitar in towards him while the harmonics are ringing. Another way he uses the entire guitar is by incorporating percussion into his playing via taps, slaps, and thumps, often combining the percussive effects with harmonics. where the guitar is essentially acting like a snare drum. Lastly, Montgomery’s soloing style is a lesson all its own -– way too much for (this feature). Two things that are consistently present, however, are Montgomery’s use of arpeggios and hybrid picking, using a pick and his three remaining fingers in the process. This unique phrasing approach contributes much to Montgomery’s singular style. This has been a brief glimpse into Monte Montgomery’s playing style. If at all possible, get out and experience a live show; I’ll guarantee you’ll walk out of the club dragging your jaw along the floor." -– Michael Mueller, Guitar One Magazine

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