“When’s an acoustic guitar not a guitar? ...when Monte Montgomery’s playing it!” -– a fan

“Monte’s intuitive right- and left-hand approaches lead to his developing some unorthodox techniques. Today he seasons his playing with some often spectacular string slapping, two-handed tapping, percussive string stops, six-fret stretches on chords and daring intervallic leaps on single-note solos.” -– Bill Milkowski, Guitar World Acoustic

"Austin, Texas, has once again unleashed a phenomenal guitar slinger on the world. This time, however, the trouble comes on acoustic guitar. His impassioned attack evokes every great player he has ever loved. He slaps the neck like Michael Hedges, taps Van Halen-esque false harmonics,soars melodicallly like Eric Johnson and strums with the brutal attack of SRV. Montgomery has pushed the acoustic-electric further into the realm of virtuoso rock guitar than anybody before him." -– Jude Gold, Guitar Player Magazine

“SIX STRINGS ATTACHED TO DYNAMITE: Monte Montgomery weilds one amazingly explosive acoustic guitar. Monte Montgomery’s guitar looks like a patient in a burn unit. Pitted, scarred and rubbed raw, it should have broken into smithereens a long time ago. The condition of (his) guitar is an issue because he plays the acoustic six-string more aggressively and to more spectacular effect than almost anybody in music, slapping it and bending the neck to draw out vibrato that should only be possible with an electric... in short, when this Austin, Texas musician takes the stage, expect to be dazzled.” -– Craig Havighurst, The Nashville Tennessean

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