“I will forever be indebted to some new friends in Texas for introducing me to one of the best- kept musical secrets in America - Monte Montgomery. Montgomery is far and away his own man when it comes to his music. There are subtle hints at influences, bet he doesn’t really sound like anyone you’ve ever heard before. That’s what sucks you in like a hyperactive Hoover. Montgomery delivers an album (’Mirror’) that will continually find its way to the top of your stacks of CDs. This is jaw-dropping guitar magic from a man who can get more different sounds out of his beaten-up Alvarez acoustic box than most players get with five guitars and a rack full of effects. This is the cream, folks. Look for it to rise to the top soon.” -– Michael B. Smith, Goldmine Magazine

[Monte ranked #21 on a recent Acoustic Guitar “Favorite Guitarists” readers poll, July 2005 issue] http://www.acousticguitar.com/article/151/151,6423,INTHESPOTLIGHT-1.asp "Monte Montgomery is not your typical up-and-coming guitar god. His exquisitely crafted, melodically and rhythmically sophisticated pop songs suggest the best of Fleetwood Mac, Squeeze, and The Police, while just happening to integrate the most mind-boggling guitar work in the state of Texas. In his amazing live performances, backed by drummer Phil Bass and bassist Chris Maresh, Montgomery completely lets go. He picks and frets with all ten fingers at once, stretching chord positions across an alarming six frets while playing rhythm strokes,melody, and bass lines, all the while casually tossing in faster-than-the-naked-eye harmonics, two-handed tapping, bass-style string slapping, percussive string stops, guitar-torturing neck bends, and guitar-body percussion. His fast and precise plectrum playing, meanwhile, leaves even most electric guitar players gasping." -– David Gold, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“The buzz about Austin, Texas-based guitarist Monte Montgomery has been nothing short of an apotheosis... fingerpickin’ good.” -– The Washington Times

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