INDUCTEE to the 1998 MUSICIAN'S HALL OF FAME, San Antonio Current magazine "His mastery of the guitar... he's in absolute control of the instrument.Montgomery's strumming is a mix of slick picking and wonderfully solvent,almost transparent, flicks of the wrists. Combined with intricate fret work,as well as flicks, shakes, taps and punches of the strings, he pushes his guitar to new levels and sounds. Many songs contain cool hidden licks, clicks, slides and almost ritualistic rhythms. His playing is fearless,robust. He celebrates each song. His voice is soulful, often soft and melodic. His extremely complex, fully resonant riffs make it captivating to watch Montgomery play. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Montgomery to the San Antonio Current Hall of Fame." -– Michael L. Ingraham, San Antonio Current

"Montgomery shows why he won the Best Acoustic Guitar Player Award at the Austin Music Awards on his debut. Montgomery's forte seems to be an intuitive, rough-and-tumble style, unschooled in the way, say Ani DiFranco is: melodic but raw, one foot firmly in folk and the other in roots-based rock a la Steve Earle. Hear him rip out spectacular acoustic leads, especially his seven-minute solo on the album's closer, ‘Love Comes Knockin'.’" -– Bob Gulla, Guitar Magazine

"Monte Montgomery is a guitarist's guitarist, but he doesn't let that get in the way of the music on ‘1st and Repair.’ He brings taste, precision, economy and a playful sense of timing to poppish songs with sturdy hooks and sings in a voice that's equal parts grits and sunshine. And when you have his ability to make one guitar sound like two, who needs any more support than bass and drums." -– John Morthland, Texas Monthly

"He's a monster... he sets the guitar on fire!" -– Joe Ely

This boy is bad on bad!" -– Hal Ketchum

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