"The man is a guitar virtuoso. He's Austin City Limits resident guitar wizard, and they have high standards. This one is as much for the eyes as it is for the ears, as Monte picks and frets with ten fingers at once. There are harmonics, percussives, bends,slappings.... and he's fast, too! Oh by the way, he can sing, sweetly and soulfully." -– Gavin Magazine

“We now proclaim today, January 22nd, 1998, as Monte Montgomery Day. We call on all citizens to recognize the many outstanding contributions by the local music industry and in recognizing the dedicated efforts of artists which further Austin's status at the live music capital of the world. Monte, thank you for being here.” -– Mayor Kirk Watson, Austin City Council

“Monte Montgomery could wallpaper a castle with all the critical praise he's received. Raised in the Hill Country west of Austin, he wields a triple-threat stage presence as singer, songwriter, and shredder... demonstrating his finesse on both acoustic and electric guitars, while emphasizing his composing skills, all of which make him a great live act.” -– Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle 2004 Austin City Limits Music Festival show preview http://www.austinchronicle.com/issues/dispatch/2004-09-17/music_feature.html

"...an impressive look at a gifted lyricist and guitarist, quick with the turn of phrase and memorable riff. His tales of toil and struggle revel in life's sordid details, even if that means exposing his own frailties and failings - a theme that's crystallized on the title track when he sings, ‘Well, you could've been the one / Now you're riding shotgun / Through the valley of the shadow of doubt.’ But rather wallow in self-pity, Montgomery's songs glow with the wonder of a man who savors life's hardships, knowing each slight and every pain will provide deeply buried treasure for future soul-mining expeditions." -– Sean Doles Austin Chronicle

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