Pretty soon, they went from having one show to two shows in one evening, and KGSR 107.1 FM Radio Austin began co-sponsoring the Will Taylor and Strings Attached Collaboration Concert Series, hosting the 10PM shows and broadcasting them live on the air on their program “Lonestar State Of Mind” for all of Austin (and everyone tuning in online) to hear.

Now after 3 seasons, the Will Taylor and Strings Attached Collaboration Concert Series presents “Collaborations”: a compilation of some of their best performances from the nationally reknown Texas singer-songwriters who have performed with Will Taylor and Strings Attached. Comprised of songs recorded live from the board at Hyde Park and St. David’s, “Collaborations” also includes the first studio collaboration recording with Sara Hickman (”It’s Alright”), Will’s first studio collaboration with Barbara K (“My Name Is Truth”) and two songs recorded live on the air on KUT 90.5 FM: “For The Brave” by Slaid Cleaves and “Cinnamon” from Ian Moore. As a bonus (similar to the concerts where the guest artist plays a song solo and Strings Attached play one or two instrumentals) the CD includes an original instrumental composition by Will Taylor entitled “Tigris.”

The 4th season of the Will Taylor and Strings Attached Collaboration concert series begins August 19th with special guest Dar Williams.

For an in-depth interview with Will Taylor, visit:

[Click to download the Will Taylor and Strings Attached “Collaborations” onesheet PDF]

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