Thinking that they must receive thousands of letters, Taylor gathered his courage to write to the Turtle Island String Quartet to just say hello, to express his admiration for their work, and, by throwing in a copy of that KUT tape, show them a sample of his own. Expecting to never hear back, he received a thank you letter in the mail praising his work followed by a phone call from TISQ violinist Daryl Anger who personally thanked him for writing, telling Will that he was 1 out of only 5 viola players that they knew of in the world, and to please stay in touch. 11 months later, Taylor kept that promise and sent them another letter, including another KUT radio in-studio tape, but this time as a jazz ensemble with bassist Chris Maresh (Monte Montgomery, Tony Campise, Eric Johnson) saxophonist Elias Haslanger, and drummer Clay Moore. His timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because right when his jazz tape blew them away, TISQ’s violist resigned -- right ahead of a scheduled tour that included some very critical gigs. and suddenly Will Taylor found himself receiving the phone call he had only dreamed of.

Hopping a plane to join them on tour, his adventures with them took him to magical places all around the country, filling his days with dream-like experiences and enjoying the limelight as the viola player in his favorite band, performing on WNYC’s “New Sounds” with John Schaeffer, and being interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning. With Will Taylor having been their first call since their founding violist departed, they decided to seize the opportunity to try out other violists (8 violists later, their ‘musical’ viola chair remains warmed, yet permanently open to this day.). In 1992, after 3 months of living in devine bliss, they sent Will back home to Austin.

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