Soaring high on the intoxicating excitement of his experience of living his dream, Will thought he might try to make it in Los Angeles, so he went and stayed with a friend for a week to see how he might fare as a string arranger scoring for film. Seeing the scarcity, he was turned off by the vicious competitiveness of the L.A. music scene and the whole dog-eat-dog vibe of musicians fighting each other for rare opportunities. It was then he realized that back home in Austin was where he needed to be. Soon after returning home, the high was followed by a deep depression. Questioning what he should do next, he concluded that he should continue on his own creative path, resuming his original quests, picking up where he left off before that fateful phonecall.

Being less than 1% of the contemporary music market, jazz is something that when people think of it, they first think of the old standards and the legends that play them (Miles, Coltrane, etc) -- instinctively assuming sax, piano, trumpet, bass, and drums. But then how well does modern jazz attract audiences and sell CDs? Not very. Better yet, how well would something so bizarre and obscure as jazz viola do in terms of ticket and CD sales?

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